Tank Testing


ARK-O is a registered service agent authorized to inspect and test gasoline and diesel metering devices and pumps used for commercial transactions.



Tank, Line & Leak Detector Testing.

Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma approved!

We can test your tanks with minimal down time.
Capable of testing tanks with product level from Empty to 95% full.
No need to schedule additional fuel into your inventory.

Annual precision Line & Leak Detector Testing available.
Cathodic protection checks on tanks and lines

SIR (Statistical Inventory Reconciliation) service available as a form of Leak Detect

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Arkansas law, Act 112 of 2003, states that each owner of a bulk or liquefied petroleum gas metering device, pump or scale used for a commercial transaction must engage a registered service agent to inspect and test that device annually beginning January 1, 2004. Upon completion of a satisfactory inspection and test the registered agent will affix a yellow decal, and if applicable a yellow wire security seal, to the device to indicate to the public the suitability of the device for trade for the calendar year. A copy of the bureau approved inspection and test reports will be provided to the owner of the device. The fee, for this service, will be determined by the registered service agent.

Should the registered agent be unable to perform or complete a satisfactory inspection and test on the device the agent must immediately file a Form SA-1S, Equipment Non-Compliance Report, with the Bureau of Standards.