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We service the Northwest Arkansas, Southwest Missouri, and North East Oklahoma Area.


     ARK-O is the ONLY authorized Tokheim/Schlumberger service and parts provider in the area.

Tanks - Sales and Installation

Underground Storage Tanks

ACT 100-Fiberglass Coated Steal
STIP 3 - Epoxy Coated Steel
FRP - Fiberglass Re-enforced Plastic
Oil/Water Seperators

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POS (Point of Sale Equipment)


INCON automatic tank gauging.
INCON automatic line leak detection


VeriFone’s new Sapphire provides Ruby migration and offers true Open Systems architecture.
Sapphire is the newest extension to VeriFone's Gemstone family of products. It has been conceived, designed, and built from the ground up for the demanding needs of the petroleum industry.

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Sapphire as on-site controller

At VeriFone, we have leveraged our years of experience in designing and programming the Ruby SuperSystem to create an on-site controller that expands on your Ruby investment. Cashiers familiar with the easy to use Ruby console will continue to be effective in their everyday customer service activities. Sapphire is working in the background as the new controller, offering more com ports, faster processing, and enhanced data storage for up to 50,000 PLUs.

Sapphire as web server

Powered by an Apache web server, Sapphire allows you better and quicker access to all your sales data. You can retrieve and manipulate Ruby data in real time from the back office or the home office at any time from a web browser. And you have the flexibility to create XML style sheets that show you the information in the format you want to see it. Data is available here, there, and everywhere with a user interface as familiar as your home page.

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Data the way you want to see it using a web browser interface
  • Faster processing speed and enhanced data storage for 50,000 PLUs
  • High powered device integration with RS232, LAN, and Ethernet connectivity
  • Additional com ports provide peripheral expandability
  • Easy to interface XML data for custom views or reports
  • High powered, mission critical device that expands your Ruby investment

  • Ruby SuperSystem®

    Convenience, Compatibility, and Control in an Affordable, Integrated POS Solution

    The VeriFone Ruby SuperSystem® combines card processing, fuel dispensing, dispenser card reader (DCR) control, and ECR functions to meet the needs of fast-paced petroleum/convenience-store operations—where quick customer turnaround, easy pump control, and accurate record keeping are imperative.

    The Ruby is compatible with a wide range of pumps, allowing you to bring it onto most sites without special accommodations. With easy-to-understand fuel icons and programmable PLU keys, the Ruby can simplify sales procedures and expedite service at all your locations. Its built-in training mode reduces the time and cost of bringing new employees up to speed. And its specialized reporting and tracking features help you better manage your business operations.

    Fuel Functionality: One System Fits All
    Because Ruby is pump independent, you can use it at virtually all your sites. It interfaces with major electronic dispensers and dispenser card readers — including Bennett, Dresser-Wayne, Gilbarco, and Tokheim/Schlumberger RPS.

    Better Control, Better Customer Service
    A single control point for fuel sales, Ruby supports both preset and prepay fuel sales. It electronically tracks up to 18 fueling positions on its standard icon display—or as many as 32 positions with an optional icon display. To authorize fueling and keep the traffic moving, your cashiers simply press a single key. And a quick glance verifies the status of one pump or every pump where money is due.

    Network and Payment Flexibility
    Ruby interfaces with a wide range of petroleum card networks, including those that communicate with independent oil companies. This lets you standardize operations for a variety of stations—whether they pump major or independent gasoline brands. And Ruby fully supports and speeds transactions for major oil-branded network cards and fleet fuel cards, as well as major credit and debit (ATM) cards. It also lets you accept a variety of other payment types, including cash, checks, coupons, and lotto tickets.

    Added Security
    Ruby keeps a running total of cash collected, alerting the cashier when it's time to make a safe drop. So there's never a surplus of currency in the cash drawer.

    Single-Key Price Lookup
    Price lookup is easier than ever. Ruby's unique pop-up menu keys link multiple PLUs to individual keys, placing more PLUs at the cashier's fingertips. And preset, pre-priced "hot" keys provide one-touch entry for your most popular items. Ruby also lets the cashier suspend, then resume, a transaction while the customer retrieves "one last item." In between, the cashier can process other sales, keeping the line moving and customers happy.

    Open Systems Architecture
    Ruby's software creates an open architecture environment, allowing Ruby to talk with a variety of back-office PCs and remote hosts. Communicating with your back-office systems, it quickly consolidates sales data into integrated management reports, producing a comprehensive summary of a station's activities. Ruby also allows you to download price and product changes and similar information. As a result, Ruby provides better control over operations and saves hours of paperwork. For managers, that means less time in the office and more time with customers.

    A Printer for all Reasons
    The Ruby includes the high-speed TMU-950 MultiStation Printer, which works with standard-width receipt paper. The TMU-950 can validate checks, print customer receipts or vouchers, and generate a variety of printed reports that help track the store's sales.


    • Interfaces with a host of peripherals (Back Office, Car Wash, Scanners, Coin Dispenser, Proprietary Fleet, Tank Monitoring, Security Camera, Money Order, and Universal Power Supply)
    • Uses fueling icons for fast visual verification of pump status
    • Allows keyboard access to more PLUs through pop-up menu keys
    • Interfaces with the back-office system for better operations control
    • Prompts cashier for ID check with alcohol or tobacco sales
    • Supports up to five Ruby SuperSystems in a LAN configuration
    • Lets cashier suspend and resume transactions
    • Stacks fuel sales to free a pump for immediate use
    • Prints up to 4.2 lines per second with bi-directional minimum-distance printing
    • Supports standard journal/receipt paper widths of approximately 2.3 and 2.4 inches
    • Cuts back on paper use through an optional electronic journal feature

    Wayne Nucleus®

    The most sophisticated point-of-sale system. And the simplest to use.
    Nucleus, the state-of-the-art Point-of-Sale (POS) system from Wayne and IBM provides a platform for total store system management for the retail petroleum and Convenience Store environment. Through an intuitive graphical user interface, the Nucleus System provides integrated access and control of dispensers, pay-at-the-pump options, RFID payment system, in-store sales, tank level monitor, car wash, Quick Serve Restaurant (QSR) terminal, back office systems, and more. Applying the right technologies to provide timely, cost effective solutions to the challenges faced by the retail petroleum and Convenience Store industry, the Nucleus system is the key to enhanced efficiency and maximized profitability. Built with industry standard hardware components and software services, Nucleus is an open architecture and adaptive platform that allows for easy hardware and software upgrades as marketing needs develop and new technologies are adapted.

    Store Controller
    At the heart of every Nucleus System is the Store Controller. The Nucleus system Store Controller is the central interface point between all station fuel/Convenience Store sales, pay-at-the-pump, system peripherals, back office system, and other 3rd party applications. A scalable, multi-tier Client-Server architecture allows for flexible deployment of system configurations to suit individual requirements. Each Store Controller is minimally configured to include a high performance PC with Intel Pentium III class microprocessor, 128 MB of fast DRAM, a CD-ROM, at least 10 gigabytes of hard disk storage, external floppy drive, and Ethernet LAN connectivity. The Nucleus Store Controller combines superior system performance today, while helping to protect your technology investment tomorrow.

    Cashier Workstation
    The Nucleus System can support up to eight Cashier Workstations interconnected on an Ethernet Local Area Network (LAN) with the Nucleus System Store Controller. Each Cashier Workstation is built on a PC platform with Intel Pentium III class microprocessor, 64 MB of fast DRAM, at least 10 gigabytes of hard disk storage, Ethernet LAN connectivity, and utilizes a touch screen interface. Each Cashier Workstation can also support a wide range of POS peripherals, including:

    • Industry Standard VeriFone Everest Plus PIN Pad with integrated card reader
    • Support for WayneTRAC RFID system at the Cashier Workstation
    • A fast, quiet, and highly reliable thermal Receipt and Report Printer
    • 2-line text scrolling customer display
    • UPC scanner
    • Cash drawer
    • Security camera

    The Cashier Workstation benefits from a sleek, low profile, high definition active matrix LCD touch screen display. The advanced display design features a streamlined style with a small footprint.The streamlined display is ideally suited for the retail environment where space is at a premium, while maintaining the robustness required by the retail petroleum/Convenience Store industry.

    The Nucleus System integrates all critical retail petroleum and Convenience Store operation requirements into one user-friendly package. These include:

    • Advanced ergonomic graphical user interface with touch screen
    • Sophisticated Windows NT role based system security
    • Pump control for up to 24 fueling points
    • Support interface to both Wayne and other popular manufacturer's dispenser models
    • Pay-at-the-pump with credit, debit, RFID, and cash options
    • Advanced cash register functionality with multiple ring-up, pricing, and tendering functions
    • Multi-Tiered Stock Control: Department/Category and Inventory items with capacity limited to hard disk storage
    • Stock control for over 20,000 inventory items
    • Hundreds of departments and categories
    • Card payment authorization and settlement
    • Complete cashier and station reporting
    • Flexible system setup and customized configuration
    • Complete electronic sales journaling provides audit trail for up to three years
    • All station reports archived for at least thirty-two days
    • Electronic event logging and monitoring
    • Remote system access for management and diagnostics
    • Disk Mirroring (RAID 1) Standard with options for external mass storage back-up
    • Options for data mirroring and mass storage back-up
    • 10Base-T or 100Base-T Ethernet LAN connectivity to other PC based systems
    • Back Office Interface including Pricebook Management, Summary Data, and Transaction Level Data access
    • Integrated car wash sales
    • Interface to Tank Level Monitor and PC Based fuel management applications

    Nucleus System Advantages
    State-of-the-art User Interface
    The Wayne Nucleus System utilizes a state of the art Graphical User Interface (GUI) solution for operation and programming. This highly interactive user interface reduces training time, is easier to use, and reduces help desk calls. The interface uses carefully designed patterns of colors, graphics, animation, and symbols to create a Visual Language with a consistent vocabulary of images and sounds. The operator can use the Visual Language in all aspects of system operations. Portions of the user interface can also be customized by station and operator preference.

    Open Architecture
    The Nucleus System is designed specifically for the business demands of the retail petroleum and Convenience Store industry. It is the centralized management platform for your entire retail petroleum/Convenience Store operation. The Nucleus System uses a variety of proven PC industry standard technologies and components, standard RS-232 serial and Ethernet LAN connectivity, and common off-the-shelf POS peripherals for maximum compatibility with a wide range of system options and peripherals. This open architecture approach allows the Nucleus System to be tailored to meet specific retailer needs today and easily grow to meet the needs of tomorrow.

    Advanced Software
    The Nucleus System application has been designed using modern Object-Oriented-Programming methodologies. This approach allows for reduced cycle time in software development and maintenance. The Nucleus software was designed for Microsoft Windows NT, the most widely supported mission-critical, multitasking operating system on the market. The Nucleus application software uses current software technologies such as client-server architecture, distributed object, COM and ActiveX controls, and transaction processing monitoring to deliver a highly sophisticated, flexible application for retail petroleum/Convenience Store operations. The utilization of these highly capable technologies will enable more rapid development and implementation of new features, as well as leveraging the ongoing industry-wide trend to share business processes and peripherals across multiple platforms in retail automation applications.

    Support for Industry Standards
    The Nucleus System architecture is designed to incorporate emerging industry standards for device level integration and business process to business process data exchange. The Nucleus System design utilizes framework technologies defined by the Microsoft led ActiveStore initiative and the OPOS device level integration standards.

    Wayne designed the Nucleus System to be fast and easy to maintain for maximum productivity. Hardware components and software functions can be quickly isolated, diagnosed, and repaired at the modular level. System events are tracked and logged for fault analysis. Pertinent system events and information are relayed to the operator in real time. When you call the 24 by 7 Wayne Help Desk, you get access to a comprehensive array of services and support options. Skilled technicians can also remotely access the Nucleus System to run hardware and software diagnostic routines. And if on-site service is required, Wayne's nationwide network of highly trained Authorized Service Technicians are required to be certified on all aspects of Nucleus System operation, including application, PC hardware, and operating system and network services.

    Nucleus System Benefits
    High Performance
    The Nucleus System offers an unbeatable combination of performance and value. The Nucleus System stays current and upgradeable with the latest generation of Pentium processors, fast Ethernet connectivity, and other PC based performance enhancements. The Nucleus application is optimized to take advantage of PC hardware performance improvements and improved Windows NT Operating System functionality to deliver better real time solutions for the retail operator.

    The Nucleus System's open architecture and flexible system configuration allow the system to grow as the retailer's requirement changes. Additional Cashier Workstations, new peripherals, and new software services and features can be easily added.

    The Nucleus System hardware can be easily upgraded with more advanced PC components, such as more powerful microprocessors, a larger hard drive, and expanded memory. The Nucleus System software is also easy to upgrade, with a range of dial-up, CD-ROM distribution, and satellite download options for performing software upgrades with minimal impact on site operation.

    The Nucleus System supports a wide variety of system peripheral devices. It is compatible with leading solution suppliers for Back Office System, Car Wash, and Tank Level Monitor systems. The Nucleus System is designed to interface with popular models of dispensers and pay-at-the-pump systems from other dispenser manufactures.

    Ease of Use
    The Nucleus System uses touch screen technology combined with a highly intuitive and ergonomic graphical user interface, delivering a retail solution with enhanced usability and improved operational speed that is easy to learn and use. This advanced user interface reduces training time, operational error, and allows the operator to serve both the in-store and pay-at-the-pump customers in a smooth and speedy fashion.

    With over 3000 systems installed, the Nucleus System has already proven itself in the demanding retail petroleum/Convenience Store environment. Its advanced system software smoothly and efficiently manages the many subsystems and functions connected to the Store Controller and the Cashier Workstations. The Nucleus System combines industrialized components, back-ups for mass storage media, high quality Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS), and fault tolerant software. Features such as data mirroring, event monitoring and logging, remote diagnostics, and remote software download deliver a high performance POS platform with greater system availability and up-time.

    Nucleus Store Controller System Specification

    • Minitower PC chassis (H:17.5" W:8.1" D:17.2")
    • Intel Pentium III/MMX class microprocessor (733 MHz upgradeable) with 512 KB of L2 cache
    • 128 MB of 133 MHz DRAM (upgradeable to 384 MB)
    • 14X Min/32X Max CD-ROM Drive
    • One 3.5" diskette drive
    • At least 10 gigabytes EIDE hard drive with RAID level 1 disk mirroring
    • 56K Internal Modem (V90)
    • Integrated 10/100 Base-T Ethernet LAN connectivity (RJ-45 Connector), Category 5 wiring
    • PC Qwerty style keyboard and mouse
    • 5 PCI slots
    • 2 USB, 2 Serial, and 1 Parallel peripheral connections onboard the PC
    • Serial I/O Expansion with Rocketport board
    • Integrated full duplex audio
    • 200W switching power supply
    • Advanced power management with APC - Back UPS Pro 420 Uninterrupted Power Supply
    • Two 5.25" device bays
    • Wayne Nucleus I/O Expansion Cabinet with support for dispenser and pay-at-the-pump interfaces and connections

    Software Licenses

    • Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 Operating System
    • Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 Database
    • N-LINK Back Office Interface
    • Nucleus Store Controller Application Software
    • Remote Management Software for satellite broadcast file download (VSAT Download Client)
    • Development Environment (New Heading)
    • Object-Oriented Design, Multi-tier Client Server architecture, C++ and Visual Basic for high level business processes, C for real time device control processes

    Registered trademarks include: Intel, Microsoft, Pentium, Windows NT, Sybase, and APC.